Advantages of Alternative Medicine

Most of us grew up under the care of a modern medical practitioner, as did our parents and probably our grandparents, as well. However, not very long ago, there really was no “modern” medicine. Just a few generations ago, alternative treatments were standard, and now there is a growing resurgence in these same treatments, including the use of herbs, oils, pressure points, and acupuncture. Are you considering trying any of these alternative treatments? Are you curious about the advantages of alternative medicine?

Holistic Detective Agency

Famous author Douglas Adams once wrote about a detective who used a rather different, yet still effective, method when it came to crime solving. He used a holistic approach to his detective work, examining all areas of life and the universe to help find clues and solve cases. In much the same way, you and your alternative medicine physician are holistic health detectives. One of the advantages of this type of medicine is that more than just the physical symptoms of an illness are treated. Any emotional, spiritual, or social ailments will also be examined and treated, as well as your diet, your exercise (or lack of), and your overall coping skills. Alternative medicine will examine and treat the whole person, and not just the illness.

You Call the Shots
Have you heard the popular phrase, “Give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime?” This is basically the principle behind most of these treatments. The hope is not only to get better, but to stay better. This is one of the greatest advantages of alternative medicine. Not only will you experience an ease of your symptoms, but you’ll also learn new skills about exercise, nutrition, sleep, and other important life skills. This may keep you out of the doctor’s office later in life.

Learn to Trust YourselfAdvantages of Alternative Medicine

Developing self-confidence is one of the best advantages of alternative medicine. Often, when it comes to healthcare, we readily hand over the power and decision making to our doctors and surgeons. We feel it is too complicated a matter to handle, but the truth is that if you really want to know about your body then it is not too complicated at all. Alternative medicine practitioners will ask and expect you to participate in your own treatment. You will have a say in every decision that is made. And, your reactions to any alternative medicine treatment are considered personal. If you experience an uncommon side effect, you will be taken off any medicine immediately.

As you learn about the alternative medicine practice you have decided to try, you will discover that you already possess the healing power necessary. You just have to learn how to use it. The first step is simple believing it is there, and the next is making the necessary lifestyle changes. The process of learning to know and trust yourself is one of the most amazing advantages of alternative medicine.

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